Backpack Shopping

Well if you thought trip planning can be overwhelming, then backpack shopping will make you brain hurt!

Generally, google is my saviour for picking the top places to go, things to buy, and, most importantly, what and where to eat! But in searching for “best muti-day travel backpack for women” I found there to be a serious void.

To give credit where credit is due, some sites were really helpful:

Findthebest had a good comparison search function. But their selection was small.

Her Packing List also had a really good article summarizing some of the various female backpack options. Each option was linked to a blogger who has written about her own experiences with this pack. Pretty cool.

But where is that “Top 10” “Best of” list?? It would be awesome to see a chart outlining the best ones with pros, cons, and specs compared. But maybe I have not looked hard enough!
And maybe there is a reason that these broad, all encompassing lists are far and few. Maybe it is because choosing a bag is a highly personal process, one that depends on so many factors, most of which is personal to the shopper’s body type, and travel and backpack preferences.

So what am I looking for in the perfect backpack?

  1. Size: at least 65L. I am far from high maintenance, but I like to have options. And room for new stuff is also a plus.
  2. Access: Front loading is necessary. I DO NOT want to have to take out all of my stuff to get something at the bottom. Bottom and side access would be a great bonus.
  3. Comfort: But how do you know unless you have packed it full and carried it around for a few days? Back support and solid hip bearing power is key.
  4. Day Pack Option: I like the idea of taking part of it off to go out on day trips and hikes.  It seems like a small aspect, but it would be a massive pain to have to pack another backpack!
  5. Wheels: this is a controversial one. Some (more) praise the wheels, arguing that the need to wear the pack on your back is minimal for most city to city trips. Others condemn these bags for their heaviness and discomfort, and other impracticability.

So which bag ticks all the boxes? Turns out none of them really do. But I have narrowed it down to two options.

First place:

Rincon Vita 65L by Eagle Creek


Added bonus:

+Without the daypack, it can be taken on as carry on.

+ Significantly cheaper then the one below!

Why I cannot have it?

It is impossible to find in Canada. Thus, I have to reconsider the “wheels” preference.

Runner up:

Deva 70L by Gregory



I have ordered it from the Montreal M.E.C. Store. I will post an update when it arrives!


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