Back(pack) at it.

Okay okay, so keeping up with the blogging is not always as easy as it should be. I do love to write, especially about travel. And me. So I am making a commitment to publish one post a week. Right here, right now. So here’s this week’s: a simple update since my last post, months ago.

Backpack: I went with the Gregory Deva 70L, the other one was just no where to be found. I have absolutely no regrets! I barely ever felt like I had 70L on my back (and I sure as hell filled it to capacity). I lugged it around for two weeks during my Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama trip and thought it was perfect. I cannot wait to use it again. I typically needed some help getting it on, or for it to be on an elevated surface, just because it was so massive. But I am unable to pack light. I am not high maintenance, by any means. I just like options. Also, definitely on the pricier end for a pack, but worth it for the (relative) weightlessness. Thank goodness for the hip support belt.

Trip: The trip was amazing. Perfect people, perfect weather. So many unique experience, I really felt like we got the most out of our two weeks. As always, would have loved to stay longer. A full post (or three) coming soon!

Life: I started a new job. My first real career-type job, actually. It is really fun and exciting and it means I get to spend a lot more time doing what I love: communications! Although this is a little irrelevant to the travel aspect of the blog, it does mean a lot more time will be spent writing about past travels, rather than planning new ones. For now, at least.

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