My City Sundays

If you really want your life to be a constant adventure, and you don’t have the funds or time to travel every weekend, knowing how to explore your own backyard is essential.

My own backyard happens to be the wonderful city of Toronto, in Canada.

My real "backyard" - the view from my balcony.

My real “backyard” – the view from my balcony.

I’m pretty bias, but I think it’s a pretty cool place. And so, today I introduce a new weekly blog series: My City Sundays.

So, what kind of readers will these posts appeal to?

1. The Torontonian. If you live here and want to learn more about Toronto and its surrounding areas check out my detailed adventures and reviews of cool places in our great city.

2. The Traveller. Did you know almost 14 million tourists visited Toronto in 2013? If you are someone who wants to check out Canada’s largest city, Sunday posts will highlight some fun things you can do to make the most of your trip.

3. None of the above. Okay, okay, so Toronto may not be the centre of the universe (ask any Canadian outside of Toronto and they will be sure to reiterate this point). So if you aren’t coming to visit, or don’t already live here, what good are these posts to you? Well, these posts will not only try to inspire you to seek out similar adventures in your own city, but they will also offer tips on how to be resourceful and adventurous in your everyday life.

Before I begin, I must highlight one of the best resources the internet has to offer for all things Toronto. I can’t say I know many Torontonians who do not use BlogTO to find cool things to do, places to check out, and delicious things to eat. Here is a blur about them from their website. I strongly encourage you to check them out.

We’re Toronto’s most-visited web site for local news and culture, best of lists, restaurant reviews and events. Founded in 2004, we’re a growing and diverse team of artists, baristas, bakers, tech geeks, DJs, fashionistas, comedians and people who take daily multi-vitamins. We hope you like us. We really hope you like us.

You’re welcome.

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